Can I use my own domain name for my website?

Yes. You have the choice of using an SMP domain or one of your own. We can take our SMP website and map it to your domain. All you have to do is change your DNS (domain name server) settings to our name servers. Once we map your website to your URL, you will be able to access your SMP website from your domain URL.

Can I use my own logos and salon images?

Yes. We encourage you to use your own logo and salon images if available. If you don’t have quality logo files, we can help you put together a salon name logo for your SMP website. To keep the look and feel of your SMP presence top notch, we recommend only using high resolution quality logos and images.

Do I own my website?

No. SMP is a hosted solution.

What is a text message Smart Code?

A Smart Code, also known as a QL Code is a graphic marker used by many mobile devices to communicate URLs or phone numbers also allowing you to easily send text messages.

How does SMP know who to email or text with my services?

SMP will create your SMP email and text database and help you gain opt-in followers. When forms are filled out on your website, visitors will be added to your database.  You may also send over new customer emails for SMP to add to your email database. You will display your text call-to-action around your business, on your website, and on print materials. When customers text in your “Magic Keyword” to your text account number, they will be added to your database.

Do I get to help pick my own keywords and ads for Search Marketing?

Yes. You get to help SMP understand your salons locations and services. SMP will also ask you what unique selling positions you offer which will help dictate some of the ads’ descriptive text. Because SMP is a highly experienced search marketing firm, we can use this information to create the best possible combinations of keywords and ads.

On what search engines can my search ads appear?

Your ads can appear on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.