Nail Salon Websites

If you’re looking for a way to get your single-location salon online fast, turnkey nail salon websites are just the thing for you.

You’ll be using SMP’s powerful marketing tools to put your business’s name in front of prospects. Once they are aware of your services, you’ll get them inside your door, where they’ll become your customers!

Your site will be uniquely your own, with any kind of artwork, photos and information about the services your nail salon provides. You can personalize nail salon websites with online maps, contact information and hours of operation. We can even link you to your social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, if you desire, so that your current customer base will also discover your new site.

Our goal is to help you make nail salon websites feel distinctly like your own. We can help you do that by uploading custom header images and your logo, as well as any other artwork that you’d like to use. If you’ve already got a domain name you’ve been using ( you don’t have to give it up. We can easily link your new site to that domain name, so customers will be brought directly to the new page!