Spa Marketing

You need to keep your present patrons coming back to your spa, and you want new ones to grace your front door, too. That’s what Salon Marketing Pros does – we help put spas like yours on the map, and keep them there, too. We’ll help you bring in more customers, and will even make it easier for you to communicate with them any time you want. You can announce a special, offer a giveaway or communicate for any reason you see fit. We specialize in building buzz around spas, and our team of experienced spa marketing specialists will build a marketing plan especially for your locations, clientele, services and skilled staff. Salon Marketing Pros has all the tools you need to draw new customers into your shop, and keep your spa’s name on the tip of every client’s tongue.

Our e-mail promotional campaign, marketing program for spa websites and text-messaging sales enhancers will expand your visibility exponentially, and blow your competitors out of the water. You won’t believe how easily you will connect with new business, and build client relationships that last a lifetime.

It takes tons of time and infinite patience to promote spa marketing to major search engines, and we know that’s probably not your thing. You need to focus on your customers, and will be far happier letting the Pros take care of the Web marketing for you. You get to stick with providing exquisite services to your customers, and we do all the detailed work that ensures your Web presence goes through the roof on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! And Bing, and stands out among spa websites.

You’ve got to be customer focused, because you’re in the spa business, and that’s what builds lifelong relationships that make your business an ongoing success. Let us help you get your brand out there to new potential clients, and use spa marketing to promote loyalty among your existing client base. Sign up for a free consultation with Salon Marketing Pros today and learn how we can drive more clients and sales for you!