Hi. I’m Samantha.

I created Salon Marketing Pros. I’ve been a web designer, marketing professional and graphic artist for more than 17 years. Design & beauty are my passions.


I love the beauty industry.

I have spent quite a lot of my time in salons-nail, hair, skin-since my teenage years. Probably more than the average person, if I’m being honest.


As a client, I’ve experienced the nervousness that comes with visiting a new salon or new beautician. Potential new clients want to know if your salon is a right fit for them. Each salon has their own personality, their own specialties-with a SMP membership, your potential clients become clients.

We showcase your salon, your stylists, and your style portfolio with out them feeling like a “Looky Lou”, allowing your clients to feel more comfortable with their decision to choose your salon.

Most of us know the annoyance of realizing at 11:30 at night that there’s only a small window of time available the next day’s schedule to get our salon time in, long after the receptionist has gone for the day. We know the aggravation of walking into a salon, with out an appointment, and being told to have a seat, it’ll just be a minute…that turns into two hours as the waiting area overflows, leaving a bad impression…and often leading to us walk outs.


I got together with some of my most creative colleagues, and friends, and we developed a system with stream lined web design services that makes having a professional online presence, for your salon, easy, affordable, with no surprise pricing and no hassle exclusively for our members.

Our success depends on your success. We are on the same team, with the same goal, to get clients in chairs & grow your clientele.


As a business owner, I understand the importance of being able to plan and know what you will be spending each month on marketing and other expenses. Any unforeseen spike in those costs can make running your business more stressful than it needs to be, especially if it’s not with in your budget. Our membership even includes professional support, around the clock, so you don’t have additional fee’s for web site updates, the addition of new stylists, etc.-your membership fee covers your updates. The first month’s service is free for new members.


We are here for any questions you may have and any assistance you need.

Salon Website Designer

Our goal is simple. To make your website beautiful, functional, reliable and to help you grow your clientele.


Feel free to reach out, anytime!