Dependable Web Site Hosting

We take care of hosting for you.

With most design firms, hosting is an additional fee. With Salon Marketing Pros, your hosting is part of your monthly service. This means you don’t have to worry about finding a web host that’s reliable and affordable.

We use the same servers for our web site.

Why is this important? Often web hosts will sell a discounted or lesser than web site hosting plan to their clients, while opting for a more stable  and reliable server to host their own sites on. This means when their discounted, over booked server runs into technical issues, their clients sites fail, while there web site does not.


Usually, these same web hosts don’t realize that there’s an issue with their client’s servers & web sites, until their clients alert them. If their clients are busy running their business and not checking on their web site, this can mean days of down time before their host is made aware.

Salon Marketing Pros gives our clients access to the exact same servers that we use, ourselves.

We don’t farm out our clients to lesser than services, we’re right here with you. If there’s ever a server issue, we’re on top of it and we know about it, because it directly affects our own web sites.


We require dependable and reliable servers to host our websites on, because if we aren’t online, we don’t eat-so you can feel confident in our hosting services & know that we are all in this, together. We are all receiving the same quality of hosting and we are all impacted by any technical issues that can arise.

We wouldn’t risk our own business with shoddy web servers and we won’t risk yours.

Does your web site host use the same server they’re hosting you on?

We do, and we think that’s important. Your web site host should be reliable and on top of any issues that can arise-anything that affects your web site also affects ours.