Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s about Salon Marketing Pros & our Services

Below we have listed our most frequently asked questions about our streamlined salon web design service. If you don’t see your question listed below, just contact us and we will be happy to help you!

How Long Will Building My Web Site Take?

Once we have your information & photos for the site, it normally takes up to 5 business days to go live with your site. There may be some times when we have more orders than normal, which can delay our starting your website. This is rare and if it is the case, we will have a notice, saying so, on our web site & you will be given your expected start date once we receive your order.


If you are having professional salon photos, portfolio photos, and/or head shots of your staff taken and find that you will be delayed with your photos, we can still go live and add the photos at a later date, at no extra charge.

What information will you need once I have placed my order?

We will need anything that you would like included on your site.


Typically, this includes:

  • Salon Address & Contact Information
  • Salon Hours
  • Services and Specialties
  • Service Pricing
  • Stylist Information (not required, but will help clients choose you):
    • Name
    • Profile Photograph
    • Typical Schedule (Can be updated as needed)
    • Services They Specialize In
    • Photos of Their Work
    • A Small Paragraph About Them and Their Experience
    • Any Rules or Special Requirements They Have (Cancellation Policy, etc.)
  • Salon Photographs (not required, but helpful)
  • Salon Payment Policies, Cancellation Polices and Accepted Forms of Payment
  • An “About Us” paragraph or Two to Help Visitors Get a Feel For Your Salon & Highlights Anything That Makes Your Salon Different Than Others. This is also a good space to introduce your visitors to the salon owner.
  • Links to Any Social Media Accounts you want included.

We will work with what ever you can provide us with, and if we feel like adding something or removing something will help the over all appeal of your web site, we will let you know our opinion and do as you say.


Our goal is to get your salon more clients and keep your chairs full, not to just sell web sites.


Because of this, we will give you our professional opinion of what will be better, in acquiring new clients. However, this is your web site, and ultimately, you make the final decision. We want you happy!

Will I need to hire a photographer?

Hiring a photographer is completely up to the salon, and not required.

Today’s phones and digital cameras are very capable of taking high quality photographs of your staff, their work and your salon. We suggest assigning one person on your staff with completing this task, so that all of the photos have a similar feel. You can also opt to have each stylist responsible for providing a profile picture and any photos of their work to be included on the staff page.

Still not sure if you need a photographer?

Then we suggest starting off with staff taken photographs and if you decide later that a professional photographer is worth the expense, we will update the photos on your site at any time with your new professional photographs, at no additional cost.

How do I update my site?

Super easy. Simply send us your changes to the text and/or photographs and we will make the changes. Once we have completed your updates, we will let you know for your review.

How long will it take to update my website?

Web site updates can take up to 48 hours from our confirmation of your work order, depending on our current work load. Most web sites are completed with in 24 hours, if not sooner.

How many web site updates are we allowed per month?

We do not limit the number of website updates per month for our clients. You are allowed as many as you need.

My salon has a Youtube / Vimeo channel with videos. Can I display these on my site?

Absolutely. Make sure that your videos are all set to public and provide us with the address to your channel when you send us your social media links. If there are specific videos you want posted, please let us know.

How much does it cost to upgrade my web site & service to include online appointment booking?

Our online appointment booking upgrade is an additional, one time, set up fee of $35 and an additional $25 monthly service fee for your account. As with our regular service fee, if you opt to prepay your monthly service fee annually, you will receive 12 months at the price of 10!

How much does it cost to upgrade my web site & service to include an online store?

Our online store upgrade is an additional, one time, set up fee of $50 and an additional $35 monthly service fee for your account. As with our regular service fee, if you opt to prepay your monthly service fee annually, you will receive 12 months at the price of 10!

If I upgrade my web site to include an online store, how many items will I be able to sell?

Online stores can carry up to 30 items. If you need more, please contact us for a quote with the number of items that you need to be able to sell.

Does Salon Marketing Pros offer a bundled web design package that includes all of the upgrades with a discount for bundling?

Absolutely. This is our Premier Membership Package.


The regular price for all of these services would be :

$584/Set Up – $109/Monthly


The special bundled rate when you choose our Premier Membership Package is:

$555/Set Up – $94/Monthly

Can I downgrade my membership level if I decide that another level would work better for my salon?

Yes, you can downgrade your membership level 60 days after your site’s launch, to a lower level of membership.

For example: Trinity’s purchased the Premier Membership Package, but after her 60 days, she’s decided that she no longer wishes to sell her salon items, online. She contacts us and let’s us know, then we downgrade her membership, removing the ability to sell items online, and her monthly service fee goes down to that of the Professional Membership Package, going forward.

What isn’t allowed: Karl’s purchased the Corporate Membership Package, but 60 days after his site’s launch, he feels that his salon would benefit from online booking more than selling his items online. This is not considered a downgrade.

What Karl CAN do is let us know he’d like to change from a Corporate Membership to a Professional Membership. We would then bill him for the set up fee for that service, because the service would need to be set up, and deactivate his shopping system.  Going forward, he would pay the Professional Membership monthly fee, rather than the Corporate Membership fee.