MOOD : American Eagle Outfitters Launches Gender-less Beauty Line

MOOD : American Eagle Outfitters Launches Gender-less Beauty Line

American Eagle Outfitters has created a new beauty line, that abandons gender and embraces change. This new beauty line, MOOD, was created specifically for AEO by Green Growth Brands.

Green Growth Brands is known for their natural approach to beauty, their give back mentality and, of course, their use of cannabis in their products.

Mood to Feature CBD Oil and Essential Oils for all gendersMOOD offers a range of products, CBD Based, such as hand creams and body lotions, bath products, mood setting products like pillow mists, wellness products such as muscle balm and lip salves. MOOD manages to cover the bases using essential oils and aroma therapy based science with six scents that were specifically created for a healthy mind and body experience. The line is expected to continue to expand, post launch.

To promote AEO’s new line, their advertising campaign will feature ‘real kids’, as opposed to stock models, in an attempt to connect with their consumers, on a more personal level. These ‘real kids’ will talk about how self care helps them get through the day to day stresses that they face in their very ‘real lives’.

This new beauty line for American Eagle Outfitters has the formula to succeed-all natural, planet friendly, all inclusive, new science & the trend of including CBD. That, partnered with an advertising campaign that promises to reach their target demographic on a personal level, should make this new beauty and wellness line successful, but the retail beauty industry is fickle, at best. It will be very interesting to see if those things combined translate into longevity, or if this is another trendy beauty brand that will be available at TJ Maxx in the coming year.

We’ll be watching, either way.

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