Online Appointment Booking

Online Appointment Booking Fills More Salon Chairs

Your clients are busy, with crazy schedules and lives that can make scheduling an appointment almost impossible. What happens when your salon closes at 7:00pm, and your client remembers at 10:30pm that they need an appointment the next morning?


With our booking system, what happens is they book their appointment. Your clients can pick their services, their stylist and pay online, or in person. You and/or your stylists have the ability to set their hours, schedule their break times and even pad their appointments for those services that have a tendency to run long.


Our Salon Booking System is set up to manage all online appointments and notify your salon and stylist of their upcoming appointment. This is extremely useful if you have your stylists running their own social media following. They can let their followers also know about the booking feature and cut down on phone calls, missed texts and overlapping appointments.


You, and your stylist, will know what clients are coming in, what service they are requesting and which stylist they have selected. This lets you know, as the owner, what to expect, but it also allows your stylists to be prepared for their clients. You can also require clients to put a small deposit down, on their service, as a deterrent from missing their appointment and wasting your stylists’ time, that can be applied to their balance when the arrive.


Our goal with online appointment setting for salons is to get the process to run more smoothly and with realistic expectations, for all involved.

We offer 2 membership options that include an online appointment booking system-those are our Professional Membership & our Premier Membership options.