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Salon Marketing Pros Membership Benefits


Becoming a Salon Marketing Professional Member has benefits that help you grow your audience and increase your appointment bookings, with out the surprises and confusion that you might normally experience. We are in the business of growing businesses, and that allows you, our member, to focus on running your business.


We understand web design and marketing-that’s important because we understand how to drive more clients to your salon. More than web design, we are a team made up of designers, marketing experts, and search engine specialists-all working together to create an online presence, for your salon, that can be the difference between gaining and losing clients.


Your website will be responsive, meaning it will look good on any device, so even when your visitors are away from their computer, they will be able to utilize your web site. We make having a salon web site easy and affordable.


Your Website Designed for Your Success


Our streamlined web design and marketing platform comes complete with the tools to better help your salon succeed. We have specifically focused on the tools that are meant to increase your clientele, and simplify the design and maintaining of your new web site. You manage your salon, we’ll manage your web site.


We also provide you with social media profile graphics to keep your brand consistent across all social media channels. Your salon’s success is our top priority, and not just because we know that happy clients are return clients and referring clients-we also want to be a part of your salon’s success because watching your salon do better and fill more seats is a beautiful thing to watch develop. We want to see your salon come out of it’s cocoon and reach it’s full earning potential for you and your clients.


Easy & Fast Website Updates


You shouldn’t have to stop what you’re doing, every time you need to add or remove something from your website, then either pay someone to make the changes that you need or make them yourself and hope that the changes don’t break your web site.


Our process is really simple. Tell us the changes that you want, and the updates will be made with in 48-72 hours, although, usually less than 24 hours is our current turn around for updates.


We will add pictures, update salon information, add or remove stylists, change pricing, update any contact information, etc.


We also update the back-end of your site, with out your having to ask, making sure to back up your site, regularly, and keeping all aspects of your site’s platform up to date and checking regularly for any issues that can arise, before they have an opportunity to do so.

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Websites Designed to be Search Engine Friendly


Our search engine marketing team helps to make sure that your web site is not only set up to be indexed by search engines, so it can be found by your target audience, they continuously change and adapt our search engine optimization practices and search engine marketing procedures, offering our members a leg up on the competition.


From the start, your web site is set up to do well in your clients’ search results. Our team even researches your salon’s specialties and local area to insure that we are targeting the exact same people who will be looking for a salon, just like yours.


Members Are Social Media Ready


When we say you’ll be social media ready, that means that your site will be ready to connect to your social media accounts, and bridging the gap between social media posts and your business web site, translating to more salon visits.


As our member, we don’t stop there-we will provide your salon with co-ordinated social media profile graphics such as profile images and headers, for each outlet that you use. This will keep your brand consistent across all channels and solidify the public’s impression of your salon.


When your new web site launches, we will also provide you with announcement graphics, telling the world about your new web site, at no additional cost. These images can be posted anywhere and will refer readers to your new website!

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Reach New Salon Clients


We make reaching new clients easier for your salon. With your new, mobile friendly web site, new local clients will be able to find and access your web site, regardless of the device that they are using. That’s a huge plus as it’s been proven that visitors who find themselves on a mobile device, accessing a non responsive web site, almost always skip that business and search for another.


We also design your site in a way that makes it more appealing to search engines, when it’s being indexed. The more appealing your site is, to the search engines, the better your rank and the more listings you will receive. Another great opportunity to get your salon in front of the people who need you and don’t yet know of you.


Finally, we set the tone for the online perception of your website. We showcase your talents in a though out and professional way that helps to convince any salon seekers, who are on the fence about which local salon to use, that you are their best option.

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The truth is, waiting to get a professional, easily accessible, web site for your salon costs you revenue in lost business. You work hard to beat out your competition and grow your business, but neglecting your online presence gives your competition an automatic advantage.